Posted December 10, 1987


by Chochi!

I am a huge fan of crepes, personally, though who isn't? So when I found this place while out to Union Square on errands I was ecstatic! I actually tried this place alone first, a regular Strawberry Banana crepe featured as top 5 on their menu.  It was delicious! It has a custard cream that pairs extremely well with the pistachios and chocolate pearls present in it. The strawberries add a nice tartness to offset how generally sweet the entire thing is. The crepe itself is divine, it has a bit of crispiness to it that doesn't become soggy and fall apart even loaded with toppings!

The first time I came here alone and didn't sit down, I just wanted to try the crepes, however it intrigued me so much that I returned with friends. The second time I got the same strawberry banana crepe, however, I got it with chocolate ice cream (if loving ice cream were a sin I'm sure living in it!) The ice cream was incredibly rich, it felt a bit like it overpowered the custard cream I fell so hard for the first time, it might have been different had it been a different ice cream flavor, so it seems more tests are necessary!

The second thing I tried on the menu was the Thai Iced Tea, it went down smooth and was very sweet. I probably would have enjoyed it more had I not been eating something sweet already.

The overall mood of the place is quaint, it is quite popular for such a small establishment, there are only a few tables available for patrons to sit as well as a window area with stools to sit on, it is comfortable but seeing as the place is popular, pretty soon after you sit you feel like you're being a nuisance!

All in all if you're in the Union Square area of NYC I would definitely recommend checking this place out for a delicious crepe, at the price range of about 5-8 (Depending on extras such as ice cream and toppings) it won't hurt your wallet too bad. There are savory options as well, though be advised they do use nuts in many of their crepes so watch out for allergens!

Manhattan, NY
Address: 247 E14th St.
New York, NY 10003
Tel: 212-614-0200
Open Hours: 11am-11pm

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